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Major Renovation

Because of the visually poor condition of this neglected pontoon boat the buyers were able to get a very good price. They brought to us and the work began with stripping all of the seating. The carpet will also get a tuff cleaning.

The sun damage is severe. It is obvious that the dark green did not stand up to the harsh UV rays.

There is also thread damage. Polyester will sun rot. That is why we only use Tenara thread. It is impervious to the sun.

Foam that is exposed to the sun shrinks severely. Because quality marine grade foam is expense and carving it to shape can be time consuming, we steam it out and repair it if possible. After batting, it is as good as new.

Here, large sections of damaged foam have been replaced as needed, saving the customer money.

Fitting the new cover.

And the beautiful results.

Boat cleaned, carpet cleaned and new upholstery!

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